The Duck Tavern


The Duck Tavern in Boca Raton is located off of Jeffery St. and Federal in Boca Raton.  It’s an excellent place for an alcoholic beverage.  On a cold sunny day, the glass doors will swing open into a wide entrance, allowing a cool breeze to filter out the sweet scent of burning tobacco.

The Duck utilizes a few promotional tools including an “Around the World” drinking game where the patron will guzzle down every beer the bar offers.  An arduous task, but quite rewarding.  Your name will be placed on a small plaque at the back wall with the other “Around the World” gulping heroes.  And the obvious benefit of enjoying different types of brew.

The Duck also has its own T-shirts to where during Happy Hour.  The bar offers 50% off to those wearing their shirts on Mondays.

Inquire about snagging your Duck Tavern shirt with Shane or Lilly.

Friday night always has a live band.

The men’s bathroom is nothing out of the ordinary, a couple of urinals and one stall.  The same with countless other dive bars, the stall is normally used for non-toiletry needs.