The Cabin Sports Bar


The Cabin is a hideaway bar just north of Hillsboro Blvd. on Federal Hwy. Its been open for a decade and three years at its current location. With New England sports and Nascar signage littered throughout, this bar offers a reasonable rate for beer and has specials everyday of the week.


  • Monday- “Bud Night” $2.25 bottles, free pool

  • Tuesday- $3 Jager shots

  • Wednesday- “Miller Night” $2.25 bottles

  • Thursday- “Shot Night” $3.50 shots, $3.50 call (any well liquor, beer) $5 top shelf booze

  • Friday- $4 Jack Daniel’s shot

  • Saturday- “Ladies Night” 8-10pm

  • Sunday- “Fireball”/ Nascar $10 buckets of Coors Lite, Budweiser and Miller Light, $3 fireball shots

There was a lot more people than I’m accustomed to seeing there, but it was Friday at midnight. While I sat at the at the bar enjoying the cheap cool taste of a Pabst Blue Ribbon, I noticed the pool table seemed to be reserved for the next twelve games. So I reverted my attention back to the Warriors/ Nuggets game and realized that this is an ideal place to watch any type of sporting event. Thus, the name, Cabin Sports Bar.


The draft beer is relatively cheap just like any mainstream sports bar. And you have the added benefit of smoking, pool and typical dive banter. Its more like a hybrid between a dive and a sports lounge. There are plenty of flat screens and a full 360 bar, plus a Golden Tee arcade game. Every other Saturday there is a live band to break the monotony of recurring Touch Tunes songs.

Here’s the toilet situation just like every other post. Impeccably clean.

002Men’s Toilet

001-Lady Toilet

When I asked Chris, the bartender, for the best time to come here, he quickly responded “All the time.”

4 out of 5 dirty mugs…

004 003 005 007


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