Swampgrass Willy’s


Swampgrass Willy’s in Palm Beach Gardens is a larger back-alley bar located in the Publix shopping center north of Northlake on Alt. A1A.

It can be easily overlooked, passed by. But if you’re fortunate enough to locate it, this bar offers more than just booze and tunes. In addition, Swampass (as locals fondly refer to it) functions as a recording studio.


This bar offers a wide range of beer, from mainstream domestic to irregular craft selections. Food and smoking is recommended.



There is a $5 cover charge on Friday and Saturday where the large stage becomes the focus to live cover bands, such as, Searat. And Thursday Swampass transforms into some type of Asian rave I’m told. That seems stranger than most things I usually encounter. I’ll skip that…


Two regulation sized pool tables, an electronic dartboard and a surplus of flat screens showing whatever current game that’s on. The bar is long enough to minimize waiting for your bartender’s attention.



If conventional bar entertainment (pool, darts, drunken banter) doesn’t suit you, Swampass offers alternative methods of amusement. Most notable, Super Shot (the free-throw game) and Golden Tee. As far as I’m aware of, these arcade games are only found at just that, arcades. Well, I know Super Shot at least is never in a dive bar. I’ve seen Golden Tee before. Super Shot replaced air hockey here which I’m sure some patrons were upset about.


And as always, the “shitter” must be examined. The men’s bathroom consists of two stalls and one urinal. Everytime I was in there, there were always two dudes in one stall. Only a few creepy things could be happening in there. I’ll let you choose which one it could have been.  Use your imagination…


I was able to convince a pretty lady to snap a picture of the lady toilet, but other than the picture, I’m unfortunately unable to describe it to you. I usually test it out, so I apologize. Won’t happen again.

Being an enormous Hurricanes fan, it angers me to give this Gator bar a good rating. Though it did receive a slight downgrade as a result. 4 out of 5 dirty mugs please…

I drank $3 Pabst Blue Ribbon over here and had a $15 bar tab. I’m quite sure I had more than five beers. The simple fact that I can’t recall exactly how many, reveals that I must have had more.



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